Edit: Okay I know this comic is controversial, I have had various news agencies contact me for comments, I have had sponsors and advertisers drop their contacts, and I have also had the lobbies ask me to take this comic down. But I want to say that it is my firm belief that gays do not taste as good as carrots, because:

  • Gays are not used in any dishes that I know of, carrots are used in many from stews to roasts
  • Carrots are sold in supermarkets in the vegetable section, not once have I ever seen a gay for sale (They are probably a specialty item not consumed by the majority of the population)
  • Carrots are healthy, all the gays have diseases, are sweaty or are full of harmful substances
  • If you bite a gay they do not appreciate it, a carrot will not object to being bitten at random
  • Carrots come from the earth, gays come from a vagina. Anything that comes from a vagina tastes icky and you should not eat it

I feel like all these are solid reasons that justify my answer and opinion. If you believe otherwise I will gladly debate you with poorly drawn comics.